Green events

Sustainable choices range from your location to your social events and your local catering.

At Arena Klosters, we understand the importance of sustainability. Below are just some of the measures we have introduced:

  • A focus on local suppliers and seasonal produce in our catering
  • Using glasses and crockery instead of plastic alternatives
  • Environmentally friendly waste disposal and recycling

Klosters – an ‘Energy City’

The SBB and Rhaetian Railway provide an excellent and punctual network of rail services, making it easy to choose environmentally friendly transport for your journey to Klosters. Thanks to its central location in the heart of Klosters Platz, Arena Klosters is easy to reach on foot. Please also note the many environmental measures taken by the local hospitality industry. In 2012, the municipality of Klosters-Sereneus was awarded the ‘Energy City’ label by the Swiss Federal Office for Energy and the association Label Energiestadt, which is behind the label.

Environmentally conscious Switzerland

In Switzerland, we don’t dwell enough on our achievements in the field of sustainability. Two-thirds of Swiss energy is derived from renewable sources, in particular hydro. We are also number one when it comes to recycling, have an excellent waste management system, rigid exhaust emission regulations, a carefully regulated landscape management system and strict building controls. Columbia and Yale universities regularly evaluate countries in terms of environment, air pollution, water quality, biodiversity, use of natural resources and climate change.